What is the Value of Human Life?

Four-Part Series

We often hear it said that people have inherent value, equality, and rights that can't be taken away, but on what basis? In this session, we'll discuss worldviews that devalue us and consider how Christianity confirms our immeasurable value when we see God correctly.

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Apologetics Canada, Power to Change


Matlynn Brechbiel

Script Writer

Andy Steiger

Director & Producer

Jake Bergen

Executive Producers

Andy Steiger, Rod Bergen

Director of Photography

Richard Szmutko

Additional Field Camera Ops

Lorenz Taeschner, Jonathan Loewen, Jake Bergen

Location Audio

Jake Bergen, Lorenz Taeschner, Andy Steiger


James Rozak


Jake Bergen


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Awards & Achievements

Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival – Winner Best Documentary Short

International Christian Film Festival – Nominee Best Director: Short Film